About us

Since 1994, the Immobiliare Global Services property company, based in Alghero has been delivering dynamic, professional services in the real-estate sector, covering all types of properties, both residential and commercial.

Our team of highly specialised professionals, the expertise we have developed over twenty years in business, our in-depth knowledge of the market, our strong links with and unflagging social commitment towards our part of the world – these are just some of the advantages that we make available to our clients every day, and which have helped to make the Global Services agency the go-to provider for those who want complete, tailored solutions.

Indeed, it is by always listening to your input that we are able to get a handle on what you want, finding out all about your expectations and objectives, and then establishing a relationship based on trust geared towards a single shared purpose: buying or selling a house in Sardinia. 
With focus and respect, we work hard day in, day out, to come up with the best solutions for living your life, formulating proposals that match your particular set of requirements – taking care, for example, to highlight properties with no architectural barriers, should you require disabled access; such properties are marked by a specific icon on our site.

The close collaboration with partners and industry professionals enables us to guide you through the phases that lead up to the buying or selling of a property, offering you the assistance you require to deal rapidly and confidently with all of the technical and regulatory aspects, from the initial contact with us to the signing of the notary’s deed of sale.

As members of the FIMAA industry association, we operate across northern Sardinia from our strategically located base at No. 1, Via Kennedy, in the heart of Alghero’s historical centre – a place that is very popular with locals and tourists alike.



  • Free commercial valuations within 24 hours
    Leveraging our time-honoured expertise in the field of real-estate valuations and appraisals, we can give you a price for the property free-of-charge, with a view to establishing the correct market value.
  • Approved paperwork
    You can access our transparent, professional services throughout the various phases in the rental, sale or purchase of a property, helping you fill out all of the paperwork approved by the relevant Chamber of Commerce and Industry Associations.
  • Customised advertising
    Multi-channel marketing operations for the sale of properties, including insertion into the international real-estate press and portals, and promotional messages designed to match the target and the type of property, as part of an effective, customised strategy.
  • Photo shoots
    Images constitute a fundamental tool in the buying and selling of properties: we showcase your property in the best possible light, highlighting its strengths and advantages, with images designed and shot by professional photographers.
  • Sales strategies
    Our youthful team of specialists stays constantly up-to-speed with the most innovative sales techniques and strategies, making this expertise available to you so as to facilitate and optimise the sales process.
  • Completion of paperwork
    “Global” consultancy and support: we go through all of the documentation, from the preliminary agreement to the notary’s deed of sale, allowing us to give you a full check-up of the property, covering the technical, energy, mortgage and land-registry aspects – some of which you would normally have to deal with directly.